Suburban Execution Lyrics By Malevolence

Artist/Band Name: Malevolence

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Lyrics To Suburban Execution

Nightfall, my family sleeps, safe at home or so they think
But I’m awake and since I’m so full of hatred, they don’t know
Little things, day by day, build up inside I seem okay
One day I’ll snap and then they’ll see
The rage and death inside of me

Sun comes in, invades the room, testimony of my doom
Glistens red on drying blood, Scarlet pieces of my love
Feels so strange embrace the cold and sticky forms of those I hold
I know you may not understand, My love is dead by my own hand

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Lie there my infant son, Head flat the brain is gone
Daughter lies by his side, Dark gore replaced her eyes
My wife now sprawled and stiff, Empty joins the abyss
Corpse like with trembling hand, Striving to understand

Undressing the razor. its sticky red coat
With soft flowing strokes now I open my throat
My life Ebbs away now, so gently I choke
My vision is blurring…

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I just want to die (Ad Lib)

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