Subterranea Lyrics By Iq

Artist/Band Name: Iq

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Subterranea

Belly first, unrehearsed, Im thrown from all Ive known
A silhouette set among the
badlands paved with stone
Photographs, fingerprints, fragile refugee
Higher rise fire in the sky society

Can I hold on, can I believe in
All the things you are?
there’s no sane in, chaos reigns in Subterranea

Cadillac heart attack, back of this beyond
Pusher king, TV queen, accommodating blonde
At Traitors Gate while you
wait gender reassigned
The blindfold leads the blind

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Can I hold on? I cannot count them
All the things you are
Were I stronger I’d hold out longer in Subterranea

Without the walls, comfort is freezing in my veins
And caught within chemical rain
My dreams have turned against me
And fatally have fenced me in

Above me cold light and below me over all
The time Ive lost, how can I know?
So I keep forgetting what I am half recalling
On a bed of fallen flowers
Hold me now as I was held before

Powerhouse, scared vows, trigger happy punk
Driven by hidden eyes and figure hugging junk
Heaven knows if Im close, am I unreleased?
If Im in hell I may as well be famine to the feast

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Can I hold on, can I belong to
All the things you are?
there’s no sane in, chaos reigns in Subterranea

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