Stranger In Paradise – Remastered – (alternate take) Lyrics By Mose Allison

Artist/Band Name: Mose Allison

Album Name:


Lyrics To Stranger In Paradise – Remastered – (alternate take)

Take My Hand
I’m A Stranger In Paradise
All Lost In A Wonderland
A Stranger In Paradise
If I Stand Starry-Eyed
That’s The Danger In Paradise
For Mortals Who Stand Beside An Angel Like You
I Saw Your Face And I Ascended
Out Of The Commonplace Into The Rare
Somewhere In Space I Hang Suspended
Until I Know There’s A Chance That You Care
Won’t You Answer This Fervent Prayer
Of A Stranger In Paradise
Don’t Send Me In Dark Despair
From All That I Hunger For
But Open Your Angel’s Arms
To This Stranger In Paradise
And Tell Him That He Need Be
A Stranger No More
Oh Yeah

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