Stoner Bitch (feat. Kottonmouth Kings) Lyrics By Potluck feat. Kottonmouth Kings

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Lyrics To Stoner Bitch (feat. Kottonmouth Kings)

Stoner Bitch
By: The Kottonmouth Kings

I need a stoner bitch
I need a sto-sto-sto-stoner bitch
I need a sto-sto-sto-sto-sto stoner bitch
Repeat x2 (with voice altering)

I need a stoner bitch baby
Lookin just like you
And if you like to get high
Well then you just might do
Never cry you only sad
when the sack is gone
I got a pound and a bong
So girl pack the bong
Fuck the Coach, Fuck the Prada,
Fuck the Dolce and Gabbana
Shes happy kickin back
smokin a fat sac of Marijuana
Well be together forever
thats what she promised me
The only breakin up we do
Is when we breakin up the weed
And please believe shes doin it right
Shes the type of girl that likes
to smoke and fuck all night
Shes the love of my life
My stoner bitch is the Bombay
Shes better than a blonde babe
And better than Beyonce
Ass so big you can see it from the front
And shes so damn sexy
how she pass the blunt
My stoner bitch is like a dream to me
She be so fine
I gotta make this little fly
Stoner bitch all mine

I need a sto-sto-sto-stoner bitch
I need a sto-sto-sto-sto-sto stoner bitch
(repeat x2)
Some men they wanna girl
Whos gotta nice face
Big ass titties and a slim ass waist
Some men they wanna girl
Who they know can cook and clean
Take care of the kids
and a steak up in between
Some men they wanna girl
Who can be a freak in bed
Suck a good dick and put they legs
behind they head
But me I wanna stoner bitch
who always got a blunt
The type of girl that love to smoke
and skillz at rollin up

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{Daddy X}
I got a stoner bitch
Shes the queen of the green
She licks my nut sac
Like she licks the blunt baby we
Always stoned at the pad
Up at rollers rollin green
Fat airtight joints shes a rollin machine
Shes a queen
and Im a Kottonmouth King
And we fiends for the green
And the sex in between
The hits and the ditz is like bouncin all crazy
We be high in the sheets fuckin stoned
pickin daisies
Its amazing and this is no fabrication
Daddy X I got the finest stoner bitch in the nation
And I put that on circa like my mothafuckin life
Til death do us part shes my bud smoking wife

She was probably one of the best hoes
If not thee best hoe I ever had
What she would do is like
little shit that I like done
Uh, havin my joint rolled and ready

{johnny richter}
Yeah rolled and ready
pack and load it now its time to smoke
And talk about my stoner bitch
cuz man she aint no joke
Lets get it straight
dont ever let her hear you call her bitch
Just like the lights go on and off
her attitude will switch
I got a fine lady love to blaze
and sit some while
and lay up on the couch with me
when its getting close to game time
My stoner ladys bad as fuck
And yes she likes to fuck
Like simon loves it when
Im diggin deep inside her guts
No macaroni and cheese please
shell hit the store
If we outta weed
then shes out the door to make a score
She be the love of my life
I know shes down to ride
My stoner baby maybe someday
be my stoner wife

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I need a sto-sto-sto-stoner bitch
I need a sto-sto-sto-sto-sto stoner bitch
(repeat x2)

My stoner bitch got ass for days
the munchies make her thick
She help me grow my plants
And she knows a couple tricks
The type a bitch who never snitch
And quick to light a spliff
The type a bitch who takin trips
And help me sell my shit
My girl she got a green thumb
And round my green house
She pickin up my pounds
And she drive em down south
Your girl is kinda bullshit
Ya no smoking with your spouse
She gotcha watchin Oprah
while you cuddle on the couch
But me Im sayin fuck a bitch
Unless she wanna smoke
Tell a couple funny jokes
While she takes another toke
Some girls will take a cherry stem
and tie em with their tongue
My girl will roll another blunt
and smoke it til its done
Your bitch is in the kitchen
with some chickin shake n bake
My bitch is takin bong hits
and love the way I bake
Cuz Im a stoner, you a stoner
shes a stoner too
And Im in love with stoner bitches
Just like you

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I need a stoner bitch

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