Still Fuckem Lyrics By Eazy-E

Artist/Band Name: Eazy-E

Album Name:

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To Still Fuckem

Aye E, aye E, check this out man
You, you, you really need to let these niggas
You know, I mean, what, what really went down
You know I mean, with all this shit junked off nigga
This yo’ nigga Paperboy nigga, you know, know
Come on nigga it’s me nigga
Don’t hold shit back, let ’em mothafuckas know

It’s 95 and shit won’t stop (Won’t stop!)
No justice, no peace, so mothafuck ’em cops (Fuck ’em cops!)
Fuckin’ with niggas for no God damn reason
So the 187 on all pigs all season
You ain’t no mothafuckin’ role book cop
I got bullets that your mothafuckin’ chest won’t stop (Won’t stop!)
So check me if you mothafuckin’ can
I said fuck the police in ’89
Did ya’ understand?
And shit ain’t changed, shit still the same
Blowin’ out brains
Whipped set identified or I’ll be slaved
Livin’ in the case, 3 strikes and I’m out
Shit y’all could say
Now I’m offering the Liquor store
Mothafuckas layin’ on it on the mothafuckin’ flow
Fuck it, add 2 more!
(Aye cray, aye E, let these niggas down man

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Aye cray, aye E, let these niggas down man
To know what time it is!

These niggas don’t wanna picture me
The 50 birds, the half mill, the hotel got the flew
That’s where they sick of me niggas
Don’t want to pick of me
Watch out for deliver
These haters, they can’t owe me
Don’t wanna know me
They like for, for freedom
Pick it up
Watch these stacks slowly
In the house underground
And live like Stevie Wonder now nigga
I want that cash that they don’t see
Forever bar, fuck yo’ bitch leave my worry
She poppin’ out cause she want me, nigga
Just hold on bit, I’ll take it up
I got enough cash

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(Still fuck ’em)
These niggas wanna G like me, nigga
Ain’t be a G like me, but
(Still fuck ’em)
These niggas wanna throw like me
Or the G who rules the world like me, but
(Still fuck ’em)
These niggas wanna floss like mine
They want roll it that it costs like mine, but
(Still fuck ’em)
These niggas wanna blow my trees
Drop the rag on the rollin’ like Eaz, but nigga
(Still fuck ’em)

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