Stigma Diaboli Lyrics By Glorior Belli

Artist/Band Name: Glorior Belli

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Lyrics To Stigma Diaboli

Psalm savior has faded but the evil abide forever;
The world is exhausted so come forth and rise… Father!
May your thorns pierce the flesh of men!
And may sinners live above ashes of your glory

Resound to toll the knell of their death
Mercy unto you and hate and plague be multiplied

To those who are sanctified by Satan the Lord,
He’ll write unto you of the common salvation
To contend with the faith which was delivered to the… Saints!
Who were once ordained angels
This condemnation turning the grace of our Lord into lasciviousness

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The only true words of our malefactor;
For there are certain men who crawl in awe

Filthy dreamers, we defile the flesh and speak evil of dignities
Giving ourselves to strange fornication, we are set for suffering and destruction
Woe unto us!
For we have gone in the way of Cain
He hath reserved everlasting chains,
Under darkness to the judgment of the great day

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Psalm savior has faded but the evil abide for ever;
The world is exhausted so come forth and rise!

Rebuke thee

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