Steal Machine Lyrics By Mad Sin

Artist/Band Name: Mad Sin

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Lyrics To Steal Machine

Through grief and anger i’m walking alone
Behind the black hole desire might roam
But until it greets me, rage leads the road of pain
From the ashes of doomtown i’ll rise up again
From the fear in your eyes i’m boosting my strength
And in my savage heart burns a fire of hell
-let me shake down that spell

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And there’s a light
A light in disguise, whoaoaoh
I send my baby a last good night
Good night and good bye
And now that ol’ heart of stone
Sings a dirty black lullaby

The moon of hate, replacing the sun
Intoxicated, the inside feels numb
Demons are rumbling when love has fallen to dust
When your love turned to hate the curse stood aside
When i lost all my faith the spite couldn’t hide
You got me all screwed up, i hit for rampage fame
-the darkness calls my name

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