Staying Cool Lyrics By Brite Futures

Artist/Band Name: Brite Futures

Album Name: Glistening Pleasure 2.0

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Staying Cool

Stayin’ cool
Keepin’ warm
Stayin’ dry
Out in the storm

Stayin’ cool
Lookin’ fresh
Gonna meet you
In the flesh

Bring it back
All the way
Bring it back
All the way home

I wanna fit
I wanna fit your needs
(I wanna keep you clean)

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‘Sorta mean
To let you drift downstream
(You’re my gold baby)

I’ll pick you up
I’ll pick you up let’s leave
(On this dream train)

Movin’ fast
At the speed of love
(Light-speed love)

Staying cool
And we’re diggin’ it all
(And it feels alright)

Don’t loose the feelin’
You gotta keep it up
(I’m a matador)

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