Star Of Light Lyrics By Phideaux Xavier

Artist/Band Name: Phideaux Xavier

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Star Of Light

Star of light, see what you gave
You cheated away the cold dark night
Edge of a blade, let’s meet at the grave
Of the wax figurines
Ice melts, upsets the sea, submit, follow me
Walk with me now in the sunlight
Daylight, down with the night
Invincible light, are you back with us now?
Source of all reason, I’ve come alive
“Finally,” I cried. And it’s me, I have arrived
Now, is this the seed rooting in me?
Is it the tree that I wanted to climb?
Down or high, my senses strive on
For all I can see
Tell me how the planet was formed
In a gas cloud, out of dust we were born
Are you dusty, my figurehead friends?
What’s it feel like to come to the end?
So tell me, have you any regrets?
From your glass house can you see what you’ve set
Are you listening to the things that they’ve said
In your diary — the book of the dead
See the helix alive, we cast you aside and thrive
So come now and we’ll settle the bet
It’s a dark hour that you’ll never forget
Is it lonely as you take in the next to last breath
And die

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