Standing at Jericho Lyrics By Jerusalem

Artist/Band Name: Jerusalem

Album Name: She


Lyrics To Standing at Jericho

Are we standing now,
At the gates of Jericho?
Are we there at last,
Standing on that ground?
We’ve journeyed all these years
And so many tears we cried
Is it now the walls will fall?
And then you’ll change our tears for laughter
The desert years are behind us now…

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And all the promises
Given through the times
Yes, we know you had to do
Your work in us…
In humble hearts, will your Kingdom rise
And we’re liftin’ up our eyes
The harvest fields are white and ready
Time for us to go and reap it now…
With willing hearts…
In your goodness Dad, did you take your time
And we are, WE ARE HERE…

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