Stand By Me Lyrics By Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Artist/Band Name: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Album Name: Here We Are Again

Genre: Country

Lyrics To Stand By Me

There’s nothing quite so dear to me, As old time four part harmony, From those yellowed hymnal pages, Songs about the Rock of Ages, I’ve sung of sweetness by and by in that bright land beyond the sky, But these days I can hardly wait, to stroll on through those pearly gates

There’s gonna be singin’ over yonder, That’ll make the angels wonder, If they ever really knew how to sing, When they hear the saints together, sing a song that they could never sing, Because it is the melody of the redeemed, Then the host of Heaven will join the forgiven, Worshipping the King of Kings, So if you got a reservation, What a joyous celebration, you’ll be singin’ over yonder with me

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I can almost hear that angel band, Marching right through Gloryland, With the ones who’ve gone before us, Now a part of Heaven’s Chorus, They’re playing all my favorite songs, I can’t wait to sing along so I’ll rehearse while here below, Until it’s time for me to go

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