Spell of the Pentagram Lyrics By Pentagram

Artist/Band Name: Pentagram

Album Name: The Malefice


Lyrics To Spell of the Pentagram

Magic circle
Star of hell
Sacred symbol

Occult ritual
Of sorcery
Ancient practice

Body lies asleep
Soul flies away
From the pentagram
To a strange world
Mysterious domain
Where darkness reigns
The magic rite
Seals its gates

Floating freely
Through the void
Into the dark

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Unknown fate
There?s no truth
To be found


The final answer
That you seek

Try to reach it
By carnal pleasure
Or insanity

Reality, hallucination?
Perdition, salvation?
Mystery, revelation?
Blessing, damnation?

Trapped inside
The insane mind
No way back

Life is ceased
Gates are closed
With the death


Eternal life of madness
Beyond earthly death
Gazing into darkness
Awaiting an end

This arduous task was performed
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