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Lyrics To Sound Of My Music

Title: Sound Of My Music
Artist: Clark Clarion
Composed/Arranged/Recorded/Produced by: Clark Shield Clarion

this one is part of my story
life isn’t fair,
you gotta think twice, carefully before ya decide so there’s no regrets
I’m surrounded with people, problems and temptations
gotta make sure that whatever ya do is
right, or else, everything’s gonna messed up

Verse: 1
I remember the time when I was dreamin’ to be famous
Willing to give up everything to start that hideousprocedure
Followin’ the wrong direction, tryna be totally contagious
To the people I dunno Just to get all of their attention
But honestly no one knows me, yes everyone does, no they don’t
Bullshit, don’t lie to me, ya just posing to be dope
I got the skills, the talent so what else do they want
The attitude, yeah really, fuck it, don’t try me I got dose
Everything happens for a reason
But I followed the wrong decision
My life has been messed up and im tryna fix the broken road
Stand up, get back on track and just go wit the flow
Focus, don’t rush ya self cuz ya might broke your halo
So always believe, convince ya self and ustify
Do it for ya own good, be consistent and don’t rely
I just have to give my best and I know HE will provide
We’re almost there, I can feel it
Come on, let’s take the ride

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The sound of my music
The melody of my life
Be ready
Get satisfied

Verse: 2
Now here is the final cut, everyone in the world is listenin’
No one’s gonna forget me cuz of the marks that I leave, and
The shadow of the soul that improves the pattern that I’m makin’
People realized my importance and my existence
Perseverance and determination,
The art that gives the power to continue the battle called life in action
Different emotions less satisfaction,
proven that I am the influence of my own succession
I owe this to the people who loves me and kept their support
Ma’ rhymes are not enough to thank those, who gave their words
We’ll continue what we started, show em what we got then
Briefly demonstrate the curriculum that I made and
For those nonsense trying hard mc’s
That doesn’t even know the real essence of the game that we are playin’
Then again, I know that you are reviewin’ ma’ rhymes
Stealin ma’ styles but still cant get the original files
Cuz its locked up double padlocked in ma’ system
I was born to face all that bullshit criticism
For you guys come ovah, here I got you somethin’
Middle finger raising up cuz ya aint gettin nothin’
Everything is on perfect places
I got faith, showered with graces
Proud of ma’ race and ready to take down all racist
So face it, don’t get sick on my harmonic flick
Cuz now I’m bringin ya’ll to the sound of my music

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The sound of my music
Gotta give ya self a chance
Feel it

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