Soothsayer Lyrics By Amorphis

Artist/Band Name: Amorphis

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Lyrics To Soothsayer

I rose and raised, the others with me, too
I shared the ancient wisdom
And taught the ways to be

I sang the charms of stars
And sowed the land with strength
I set the abodes for men
And steered the rightful roads

Within my being sings the god on high
The glimmer of stars in my bloodstream
I am the abyss, I am the bridge
I am the sky, I am the land

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I feel the communion
Of the largest and the least
The way from death to life
The path of stone and gold

I live on wings of eagle
I know the secrets of seas
My forms countless
Like words, names and stars

I’ve been here from the beginning
Echoes and tones I understand
Eternal poems of nonexistence
The birthwords of time’s beginning

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