Sons of Avalon Lyrics By Civil War

Artist/Band Name: Civil War

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Lyrics To Sons of Avalon

Stand tight; in darkness you’ll see the light
Tonight the madness will rise
Raise your fist in the air
There will be brothers everywhere
Disorder and chaos, but we don’t care
Hold on; this flame shall forever burn
Be strong; you still have to learn
Flesh and blood, hard as steel
Let them run in their wheel
The daytime eclipse for you and me

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Now where is the miracle?
Well, just close your eyes

We are the creatures
you face in your dreams
Go, walk the water,
we are sons of Avalon
As one with the forest
Mountains and lakes
Protectors behold
the prodigal sons of Avalon

Speed up; catch up with your own fire
Don’t stop; it’s all in your hands
Sing my song, what is wrong?
Now the race is almost won
The tables have turned, set the spirits free

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Well is the miracle?
We are in flames and glory

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