Song for Jacqueline Lyrics By Judy Small

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Lyrics To Song for Jacqueline

The clouds outside my window
Are grey and white today
I’m six miles high in sunshine
and I”m flying home to stay
And suddenly my magazine
is blurring through my tears
For Jacqueline du Pre has died
at forty two young years
And oh to see her fingers dance
Upon the trembling string
And oh to feel the spirit rise and to hear the cello sing
And to hear the cello sing.
Music’s always moved me for as long as I recall
And watching people play has been
the greatest joy of all
I’d sit in my pyjamas watching concerts on tv
The orchestra will fill my head
playing just for me
And clearly I remember the first time I saw her there
Young and strong and tossing back
A mane of long blonde hair
The power of her playing held me
spellbound to the screen
The cello took me places my young heart
had never been
The plane is coming down now
as I wiped away my tears
The woman sitting next to me
says “Are you alright there dear?”
And I smile a little sadly
cause I know I can’t explain
I lost a piece of childhood
I can’t get back again.
But I still hear the music so strong and grand and pure
and I still recall the pleasure
that touched me to the core
And I think when I get home tonight
I’ll while the time away
With Elgars Opus ninety five and Jacqueline du Pre
me to the core

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