Song for a Friend Lyrics By Matthew Ryan

Artist/Band Name: Matthew Ryan

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Lyrics To Song for a Friend

Oh my friend
It’s sad how we’ve grown apart
And so it went
And we can’t get back to the start

When we’d smile and click our heels
And float like drunk Sinatras
The wonder and the feel
Their smiles became our mantra

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Oh my friend
I’m worried
Time’s a shark
And in a hurry

And glowing cigarettes
It was understood
The warmth in wintry breath

Dear Lord
I’m worried
Time’s a shark
And in a hurry

A ferris wheel
Sparkles on the hill
And traffic moves
Like a swarm of sparks were spilled

On nights like this
I drink my share of whiskey
And wade in the flood of loneliness
That was so foreign when you were with me

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