Somethin’ You Should Know Lyrics By Mac Dre

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Lyrics To Somethin’ You Should Know

when I got the Phone cal I was rolling on the interstate, ”
Dre have you ate yet, how’s bout a dinner date?” Hmm, I dunno, let me check my schedgy, I’m free at 8: 30, pick me up when you readgy.
Hopped out the Chevy, so i could freashen up.
Rolled a sack in the back and pulled my weapon up.
Poured a glass of 7up and made a quick snack: Salami and Swiss, piled on a ritz Crac.
Called the punk bitch back. ”
What’s up Alice?” She got the mad and said ”
My name’s not Alice” ”
Alright Alice, pick up from my palace.
I stay in Westland, I know you know where that is…” ”
That’s where my dad lives, be there in a jiffy”.
Threw on 150’s and my red ken griffy, t-shirt crispy, shaved with the andes, electric reusable.
Threw in my removable, iced out grill so when i spit my spill it’s chilly chill.
I’m really ill, really feel, really mackish.
I’m waiting on the bitch and i’m puffing on some cactus. ”
Damn where ya at bitch, I started thinking”, Baby pulls up in an Aviator Licoln?!
I grab me somethang cuz they won’t catch me leaking cuz punks hanging trying bang, every weekend.
I started speaking, “this a hell of a car”, I said ”
Where we eating?” She said ”
The Elephant Bar”, I said “the Hell if we are, I’d rather Benihanas” she said ”
What’s that for?” I said ”
For any Drama”.
Now at the restaurant I’m feeling like the man, spoke Japan ”
Give me moo-goo-gai-pan”.
Ate, Drank, got full and burped and said ”
Alright you beezy, it’s time to curt”.
Dipped to her spot that was tucked in the cut put dick through the cock and I busted a nut.
Then I busted the nut, one mo’ gain.
Then I busted a nut, on the ho’s chin.
no here we go again, another Fiasco.
I’m digging her out, while I’m playing wit her asshole.
Fuck being bashful, baby I’m a bash pro.
She said ”
Dre I’ll give you anything you ask fo'”.
You got class ho.
Now look: pay close attention, I’m about to sing the hook!
Before I give you some more…
There’s something you must know…
I’m a pimp and I gots hos.
Can’t fuck fo’ free no mo’…
can’t fuck fo’ free no mo’…

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