Some Things Never Change Lyrics By Bride

Artist/Band Name: Bride

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Lyrics To Some Things Never Change

we all have a heart to segregate
is that why she jumped from the golden gate
like a stunt gone bad she didn’t walk away
what’s going on here, i think i’ve got something to say

some things never change
like the feelings that you know i can’t explain

she said she couldn’t wait for the light to come
she had plenty of time, now look what she has done

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she said she felt sick, daddy could get her high
i believe he gave her just one last ride
there is nothing in this world we can’t overcome
god have mercy on the things he has done

news man say there’s rioting in the streets
a ten year old boy has a smoking gun at his feet
carol ann climbed to the top of the bridge flying high
felt her soul vandalized, so she took her last dive

homicide, suicide, our heroes become so weak
povery, bended knee, love is what you need
drug abuse, no excuse, cause we know the facts
i know it’s hard cause they try to break your back

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i believe in incarnation, virgin birth and jubilation
i beilve in restoration, eternal life and celebration
spirit filled intoxication, it is not imagination
genesis and revelation, pray for his acceleration
don’t believe in suffocation,
can’t you hear my demonstration
not brainwashed indoctrination,
give us strength in tribulation
knows our thoughts and situations,
there’s one hope and one salvation
it is for our generation,
god is high for exaltation

Billy K. Hicks

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