So You Die Lyrics By Bloodbath

Artist/Band Name: Bloodbath

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To So You Die

I will have a feast on your soul
And watch your world as it comes tumbling down
You know there is no return
I will make you burn inside, your time has come

I show no mercy
You know I know no other way
Than to revel in your flesh
I am born to conquer
So you die

I live inside you
So you die
I won’t surrender
So you die

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And now when your days are counted
I have reached my goal
You are broken down
Your life is lost, I have collected yet another soul

That’s when you see
That you have lost your soul to me
That’s when you feel
That you have lost the will to live
And I am still here
Waiting for the next to drain of life
And I am stronger now
Than when I took your useless life

No living thing can be spared from my attack
When I feel the urge to kill
I hate your breath and the strength you get from life
Because I have never lived
And now it’s my time to be one
With all the mortal ones that walk the earth
I enter human form. my wicked soul lives on into eternity

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