So Wassup?! Lyrics By Gang Starr

Artist/Band Name: Gang Starr

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To So Wassup?!

So wassup?
You know we can’t be havin’ that
Son there’s rules you’re supposed to go by
And this is my habitat

You say you’re R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T-I-N-G
You’re fronting boy, come against me
You’re crazy soft while I come off with credibility
You’re living in a fantasy world kid, you’re killing me

I start to work out, you start to merk out
My shit be crazy raw and out here, I got more clout
I’m right in your streets, like I’m Urban Outreach
I don’t mean to preach but I’ll impeach your phony form of speech

Rhyme perfection, injecting like the surgeon
While you be in the club posing, trickin’ always splurgin’
Whatever you got, I’m gettin’ more
See you’re insecure and you can catch my verbal four, four

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Now you’re facing me, I’m your ultimate challenger
It’s the Avenger, your fate is on my calender
Notice the spirit I posses is more than holy
I’m gifted, unlimited, ah fuck the rest you know niggaz know me

My lines illuminate your whole spectrum
Crush your dome section, punks I wreck ’em, mics I bless ’em
I don’t know why, MC’s would want to test the man so fly
Master of self gaining wealth

‘Cause I’m a mastermind
I stack my rhymes just for the rainy day
And you can pour out your forty
For all the rappers I slay

I bring the bounty back I got more game than the Mack
When I proceed to feed the masses I come right and exact
And all those null and voids they shall be destroyed
So don’t be stickin’ our your hand ’cause you ain’t my fuckin’ homeboy

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I celebrate after each duck I eliminate
This rap game they desecrate, I’m back to set it straight
I’m self made and self taught
You’re style you bought

Plus I got the fundamentals handed down from my pops
Hobbes your mission, is worthless
Your style’s mad nervous, let’s stretch out all our lyrics
And let’s see whose go the furthest

Word ’cause it’s puzzling how trifling you be
You’re faking, making people think that you’re a true MC
You best flee, because I’ve come with the science
I’m gonna melt down your lies and unmask your phony alliance

Extreme house winds, will bring electrical shock waves
Knocking you out the box kid, is something I crave
You were gassed from the beginning so your bubble must bust
I’ve been laying in the cut, to tear your bitch ass up
So wassup?

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