Slippery Case – Part I Lyrics By Innerspace

Artist/Band Name: Innerspace

Album Name: The Village


Lyrics To Slippery Case – Part I

Carrying the burden of their own sins
They scramble up the slippery walls of a bottomless pit
Those cursed people who recite the same prayers
Let themselves be guided by the charming light

Frightened by the heat of their sins
They pray to buy God´s forgiveness
And with the last penny they were saving
They pay and give to build God a vast marble fortress

At the time of his parade on Sunday everyone greeted father Zweigart
They looked at the man from the ground as if he were a big old monument
A few exclusive villagers interrupted him during his stroll
Zweigart reminded them the importance of keeping the faith

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And there was Mary who just lost her husband
Turning herself to god she asked for food
The servant of the lord will take care of this withered flower

They are the brothers of a messenger who came from the skies
They pray with fervor and devotion for the love prevails
They are the sons of a Father who loves them so much

There was the one who preceded the Mystic Lamb
Who had been placed in a basket of reeds
The one that was left to the drift of a river
To avoid infanticide

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With this bright halo that shines above his head
He blinds the crowd clamped down before him
Showing them only pure light
He hands over his absolute wisdom

And by strong gestures in his cassock
He reveals the powers of God
He captivates them with holy words
Issued from his speech that will save them all

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