Slight Return Lyrics By Bluebottle Kiss

Artist/Band Name: Bluebottle Kiss

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Slight Return

I was pedal to the metal
I was beating up my radio
I was conquered ’til I saw an ancient hitchhiker
Like an escapee from a rodeo

I said ‘I’m heading south’
He said ‘Well that suits me just fine
And it don’t matter what road
I’ve got to exercise some demons of mine’

He said ‘I haven’t sung a note
Since nineteen seventy three
Still I can leave it just as long as I like
For I know it’d come straight back to me

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I took my inspiration
From Dante’s inferno
I’ve got my reservations
About the current state of rock n’ roll

So tell me where are you going?
Man you don’t wanna know where I’ve been
I’ve been flogging dead horses
And now I’m sick of paying for my sins’

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