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Lyrics To Six Million Lies

Did six million really die, or was it just a Zionist lie?
Torture by the Nazis, where’s the proof
Why did they try to cover up the truth?
Scared in case national socialism grew
Organized lies impose by the Jews

Six million of the Jewish race
Evidence there’s not a trace
Impossibilities of Zyklon B
They tried to fool you, not me

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The biggest scandal in history
They didn’t want the white man to be free
Forgery is what they had to do
To propagate the lies of those evil Jews
Well national socialism didn’t die
The truth broke through all their major lies

So let’s make Europe Jewish free
We all want a white society
This society is rotten to the core
It’s them or us in this forthcoming war
With honour and loyalty we’ll surely win
Bring forth the traditions of our kith and kin

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