Sirvix Lyrics By Acumen Nation

Artist/Band Name: Acumen Nation

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Lyrics To Sirvix

She is but another fucking animal
Nothing but a slicker sack of bones
The sooner you can emulate a second skin
You can be the bitch now on your own

Strut, you think you’re hot shit lady bumps and lipstick
How would you use your junk locked up in my daddy’s trunk?
He would have shown you how to, he would have made you beg to
He would have led you like a lamb to the killing floor
Now what’s that make me? Hog tied and fucked up, maybe
But dressed in drag I’m just a fag without commitment so

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You can break me… post op. Don’t you want me. cut up

Play nice it’s bad advice play with yourself and come up empty
No such thing as pussy envy. at least of public record
Why not fear this evolving dream of swallowing up anything
Just let me heal up quickly, then take me home and get to work

Isn’t this what you wanted? this is the best of both worlds
You like it ultra altered? then nothing beats this shit
You like my progress? I thought you were hardcore
Lies… nothing could be further from the truth
I am the hole you wanted
I am your perfect whore

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