Sinister Lyrics By Czarface

Artist/Band Name: Czarface

Album Name: Every Hero Needs a Villain


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Lyrics To Sinister

They don’t understand how i survive
How i stayed custom made from the frames down to the ride
While you laying getting clowned to the side
I’m in your town live blowing ounce of drow in your face
While i count mine a crime my body to track
Since back in the lobby with crack
No i’m big time king of the pack
On the inside harder to act on the flip side it’s all in the track
Catch bodies like possessed bodies off the leash
Less shotties more zombies cause i wanna feast
And if i ain’t being fed i’m seeing red i’m evil dead
People bleed i’m saying ramie don’t be misled
I’m running this stage coming to age
My words suicidal yeah they jump off the page
And they do something to your brain
And assault you with insane
Thought of you back in the west bank
And ya’ll been brain washed
You and me we don’t seem the same
You move like a blob i’m a speeding train
I’m a blood red action with a daemon frame
You a hot res photograph of bees and rain
And then ease the flame
You in an easy lane
You took the easy road
Keep it easy man
I can increase the pain
I’m moving cheese to spain
But with them evil brain
Because i’m just so
Certified soldier for life
With my life on the line like
Of Course i’ll be knowing the prize
Got a hothead rolling the dice
The feeling like i wish i could have this moment for life
Right but too hot get comfy with your two spots
Rude boy eat your food boy you will lose stop
You say you gangster gangster and you know how
He tucked out his skin when a balloon popped

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