Since 1993 Lyrics By Marcus Orelias

Artist/Band Name: Marcus Orelias

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Lyrics To Since 1993

[Verse 1: Marcus Orelias]

I was cool in high school then I froze.
Pause, watch me blow standing on C4
At the tip of a iceberg about to touch the titanic
What do you know about me?
Play the game, I abolish all and anyone who allegedly doubt me
That’s alliteration but this is concentration, concentrated so concentrate
To keep the rhythm of the game; and watch me flow, lifestyles of the broke
Couple years ago got the name Ab-Soul confused with Al B Sure (my bad)
Yes I am. And will, get it in and win
Whatever, who really know Marcus O?
To the lyric, make you say damn and fill the bank
I’d rather be upstream than stuck in a tank
But my intentions are pure like holy water, bottled water or tap water
I tap my potential to tap my talent, wake up my ethic. Get on the grind
Like bad dentures; not a reference to life
Switched it up because it’s used too much
You think they had enough, I think they had enough
Hear the rest when this album presses up.
And I’m looking like the right hand, something like Mike
So when I grab the mic, confess up.
I’m like wearing blindfolds at night. You can’t see me
I’m one of the nicest to come out HP since ‘93. Talk to me

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