Silence Lyrics By Frank

Artist/Band Name: Frank

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Genre: R&B

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Lyrics To Silence

I go to your place in the afternoon
To take the last drag of the honeymoon
I take a deep breath coming up for air
A crocodile smile and a silent prayer

Maybe I’ve come too early
But I’ll sit back here and sip my daiquari
Something tells me I am welcome,
I’ll come down, just see what happens

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Silence while we catch our breath
And we’re lying hand in hand in the heatwave baby
Silence, I love you to death
But get over it soon, I’m not done with you

I wonder what I was like as a lover
And I wonder, could there have been many others?
I wonder (silence) what I was like as a lover (silence)
And I wonder (silence), could there have been many others (silence)?

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Chorus to fade

Billy K. Hicks

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