Show Me, Come On Lyrics By Monika

Artist/Band Name: Monika

Album Name: Exit


Lyrics To Show Me, Come On

Show Me, Come On (Exit)

You have some stupid beliefs
Which admirably succeed to keep me awake

The time when we’re falling with our leaves
We’re being chased over the woods in an artistic common shade, shade, shade

Regrets, regrets, regrets for these magical fears
That I’ll freeze in my life

Today, I am spreading all my dreams
I am burning all the things that keep me in flames

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Perhaps, I’m so over you now
Or have I been in love with you so long and now I’m not, not, not?

Believe, believe, believe all these magical tears
That I’ll freeze in my life

Cause his eyes might be fake
Cause his lies must have been fake
Cause you’re free
So, give yourself a point to start
You’re so free
Come on, show them all the way to stop,
to stop

Show me, come on, show me, come on,
show me, come
Show me, come on, show me, come on,
show me, come
Spending my life, spending my life, spending the time with you

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