Shot Down In the Night (Live 1979) Lyrics By Hawkwind

Artist/Band Name: Hawkwind

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Lyrics To Shot Down In the Night (Live 1979)

Numbers called as they’re waiting in a line
Camouflaged like a jungle snake
Acting tough, just enough
’til they start to break
Then they’re off with a rush of adrenalin
Holding on to a world unseen
the only sound is the pumping of the great machine

The secret’s only for a few
Superpower looks down on you
Someone’s watching every move
You can break the lock and turn on the light?
You know your danger feelings are right
Try to run or put up a fight
You’ll be shot down in the night
Shot down like an animal

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See them run like rats from the factory
Push them out to the twilight zone
Let them feed on their needs
’til they’re overthrown
Take them up to a place in the gallery
Show them God with an angel face
Curtain call for the fall
Of the Human race

Play it straight and it seems like a mystery
Tell the truth and it sounds like lies
Looking down at the ground
With your angry eyes
Play the game and you’ll see there’s a difference
Join the ranks and you’ll get your kicks
See the world, and the girls, and the dirty tricks

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