Shoebox Memories Lyrics By Better Luck Next Time

Artist/Band Name: Better Luck Next Time

Album Name: Start From Skratch

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Shoebox Memories

Spoken words were meant to last, but the picture faded fast
The words ?I love you? meant so much, now not even your lips can I touch
I?ll cry for another eyesore and think about our first kiss by the tree and how it meant so much to me

Always was when you held my hand, forever were our walks on the sand; there was nothing I couldn?t understand
Holding you closer day by day, yet you seemed so far away
Now there?s nothing left to say

I reach my hand beneath my bed, only a tear then would I shed; a shoebox memory was waiting there for me
I?ll cry for another eyesore and think of all our pictures on the walls, colors fade to none at all

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Never was when you weren?t on my mind, together was where we stood in time; another day the sun would shine
Until the day we parted ways and said our friendship?s here to stay
I never wanted it that way

There?s no feeling I can obtain to see you from a different point of view
Here?s to you my friend for now, one day you?ll come around

Summer days will turn to night
Weeks of rain will bring the light
Every New Year we know the ball drops at midnight
These are the things I cannot change, yet it feels so odd and strange how relationships never stay; let me count the ways?
If only I?d held you tighter at the horror show
Kept a secret for so long that you?d never know
If only I?d shut the door after you got in
Threw my arm out at the game and I let you win
Picked up every tab (when you?re happy, when you?re sad)
Left you all alone when you were mad
Showed up at your door with flowers when you were scared; all the little things to let you know I cared (and I care)

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There?s no feeling I can obtain to see you from a different point of view
Still you come around, I know, I?ll see you at our show
I?ll cry for this eyesore; you?ll come back, I won?t be ther

Billy K. Hicks

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