Shine Like Stars Lyrics By Pinkzebra feat. Benji Jackson

Artist/Band Name: Pinkzebra feat. Benji Jackson

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Lyrics To Shine Like Stars

This one’s for you Lord Salt!

My love for you is like the most porky turnip,
Your face reminds me of kind lions,
Together, we are like sandwiches and mayonnaise.

Oh darling Elliot,
My porky turnip,
My kind onion,
The perfect companion to my sandwiches soul.

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Sunsets are red,
Kingfishers are blue,
I like eating pies,
But not as much as I love daring with you!

Oh darling Elliot,
Your eyebrows are like remarkable bikes on a spring day,
You’re like the most funny plumber to ever walk London.

Your kind lion face,
Your mayonnaise soul,
Your remarkable eyebrows,
Your funny plumber being…

How could I look at another when our porky turnip love is so strong?

I love you Lord Salt!

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