She Won’t Stay At Home Lyrics By Guilty Simpson

Artist/Band Name: Guilty Simpson

Album Name:

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To She Won’t Stay At Home

Every time I get a show
I don’t have to tell her, ‘cause she already know
In the front row with a crew of heavy hitters just in case
She sees another woman getting’ all up in my face
I told her to relax and I don’t like the way she acts
But, she keeps behaving like a fucking maniac
Now I’m wondering if baby really got my back
Or if she a hound with my scent all on her track
When I ask her to trio, she on the other end
Talking about her cousin, told her that I fucked her friend
And she heard another girl is doing me as well
But, I fucked her cousin, who is she to tell?
(Dirty bitch) the pot called the kettle black
Fuck that bitch
Run and tell her that the pussy and the head was wack (boo)
I find every time I leave, soon after hear you come, please let me breathe

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Runnin’ the streets, coming home to a fight
Mad ‘cause a brother stayed out all night
The next day guess who had plans
With a low tight cut and some skin tight pants
I’m not the jealous type
In fact, you and your girl should party every night
Do ya’ thang, have some fun, go ‘head get a life
I recommend it; the only other option left is just end it
But, something tells me that the broad’s mental
She flatten all your tires and bust your car windows
I’m so tired of the sisters’ beef
On my heels when I walk the streets

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