Shame On Me Lyrics By Kapena

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Lyrics To Shame On Me

Shame on me for hurting you
What can I say what can I do
Last night I was blind but today I see
I did you wrong shame on me
You say you won’t be seeing me again you say we’re through
I don’t want to see the sunrise tomorrow
If I knew that to be true
I know that just saying I’m sorry doesn’t sound a lot
But the girl you saw me with last night
Means no more to me than a thousand stars
To the great clouds that cover the night
The more I look at her the more I realize how much I love you
I’ll admit I shouldn’t have given in
To love’s wild temptation
For someone I cared nothing for I was blind and I hurt you
Can you ever forgive a fool a fool who really loves you
My world was you and I let it crumbl
Now all I can do is pray that maybe you’ll forgive
A guy who loves you
Really loves you
Last night I was blind but today I see
I did you wrong Shame on me

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