Shadow (Radio Edit) Lyrics By Mavado

Artist/Band Name: Mavado

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Lyrics To Shadow (Radio Edit)

A the M dem a watch you
Stand up strong, strong, strong
DP dem a watch you
Deh yah long, long, long
Yeah, me dem a watch
And am a doff one, one

Mi naw live in a no man shadow
Mi naw live in a no man shadow
Wi naw live in a no man shadow
Who waan hate wi gwaan hate wi nuh

Wi naw live in a no man shadow
Wi naw live in a no bwoy shadow
Wi naw live in a no man shadow
Who don’t rate wi don’t rate wi nuh

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Wi nuh born suh
And mi naw die suh
Mi go smoke pon the track
If you hear mi a chat a bag a thing
Yeah mi high light suh
Dem nuh like si you fly down
Dem start seh you hype
And waan si you die young
Eyes and mouth must sell a shop
Dem lie seh you buy gun
Fk a bag a gyal
Yo money nuff suh yo kyle run
Modeler body gyal oil down
The future in a every youth hand
Seh a waste man time down

Real bad, money cyaa change mi
No girl cyaa change mi
But when mi friend dem start to sell out
Yes a deh suh God a change mi

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Man a come from nothing to something
Nuh matter weh you waan think
Youths haffi go a school
And yo know seh mi mommy waan things
So how mi fi worthless and meck you laugh
And call mi a jinks
The gully is the real man
Go phone call any links
No bwoy cyaa set mi program
A the 4×5 sing mi slogan
Tell a old 90
Yeah, drop da one yah Chrome is a sure bomb

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