Shadow Isles Lyrics By Falconshield feat. SolarStrings

Artist/Band Name: Falconshield feat. SolarStrings

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Lyrics To Shadow Isles

Render retribution to the thresh prince
I flow with two chainz, packing wifesteal quintz
Lonely little Lucian married (in the past tense)
Chasing absolution the epitome of dense

Try it run and flash, my awareness is rife
Can’t juke my hooks, welcome to your madlife
It looks like you’re in quite the bind
This is your bondage and it’s not the fun kind

Thresh, yes, you’ll find my mercy in death
Put you down to rest as I purge all this pest
And this quest begun when I picked up her gun
And I realized I like my undead well done, son

You put the box around me? I break free with E
Most picked ADC since release, you see
Ain’t nothing stopping me, and I won’t spare ya
Rise again, I dare ya

I’ve gotten buffed, now I dash causing mad hype
I will predict your flash, call me madlife
I kite, kite, and fight with my piercing light
I am the purifier here, time to cleanse the night

You steal my wife, but I laugh out loud
Cause no one never ever dated this green-fart cloud
I’ve got a death sentence for ya, yea, let me tell ya
The last thing you’ll ever hear: For Senna

Come my children, gather to me
Let me share my wisdom, how I came to be
I’ll set you free, it won’t come cheaper
The cult was right, don’t fear the reaper

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When you are born, you are condemned
I have the cure, your requiem
Find the peace, I know you will
Just hear me sing, Pentakill

Well, lookie here
It’s an all you can creep with a full-course fear
What a positively dark sensation, filling me with jubilation
Venom in the atmosphere, I’m roaming with intoxication

I’m on high alert, so I’m sowing discord
You’ll never see me coming, like a snake in cardboard
I’m telling Rammus “rollout”, so he hits the clutch
I know I’m not Stan Bush, but I’ve got the touch

Replicating life form, entertainment routine
I get down on some knowledge, like Cho gets down on cuisine
The true damage is mean, I find your elbows obscene
Guuuurl my dominance is something I’ve already FOURseen

I’m that Sauron looking ass void beast
Shoot the Q from the northwest, I’ll hit you from the northeast
Proc the void rift twice, health decreased, such decease
Tentacles got’em (MY GOD), now you’re sounding like a priest

I’m a hovering hentai nightmare
Disrupt your tectonics, get you knocked up right there
Melt your team, as they come to save the day
Faster than you can say, life form disintegration ray

Are your organs safely removable?
Have you ceased to evolve? Is your extinction provable?
This beating is servable, your defeat is observable
Your fate is deservable, your species hors d’oeuvreable

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Death is only the beginning, I’m your opening chapter
Got a date with the horsemen, are you ready for rapture
Would you kindly stop running? no point popping your flash
You can’t run from fate, time turns your bodies to Ashe

I don’t want to Jinx you, but your Graves are prepared
One Maw Kog for the death machine, no one gets spared
Open up my embrace, face eternity’s story
The ferryman’s here, you will remember yorick mori

I’m organic, I’m botanic, despite panic
I tank and I’ll make damage, or I’ll gank and you’ll need bandage
I heal with my sap magic, I slay with my bark granted
Was peaceful but then enchanted, the details are so pedantic

In the right hands I’m a god, call’em Nightblue
I twisted advance, I’m enhanced when I fight you
They can’t hotfix, I’ve been buffed, I’ma smite you
I’m like Kha’Zix, I’ve evolved, call me Raichu

The void is nigh, release the anti-mage
I’m ripping through the fight, with vigilante rage
I’m your dark knight, there is no defiance
And their magic, augh wait shit–


Bow, mortal wretches
The dark and terrible is my profession
A simple desert wanderer is something I’m not
The mental mastermind causing Valoran to rot

Voidlings arise, and hear my dark call
Bring those undead, feed their flesh to Kog’Maw
I’m crossing through dimensions, gone from Rann to Thanagar
But Sithis isn’t here now, so hail Malzahar

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The Void is a horror unlike any you’ve known
No lights, no sound, just dark death cold
At any given time you can wind up here
Then I terrorize your mind and consume your fear

There is no escape, just stay where you are
Dark magic so powerful they call me Jafar
A glimpse into the night is revealing your fate
The void is coming, oblivion awaits

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