Sgt. Sunshine Lyrics By Roy Harper

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Lyrics To Sgt. Sunshine

Sgt. Sunshine

The milk man rides his clanging cow
The sun explodes above the brow
The village venom’s daily vow
That can’t tell when from anyhow

That seized a grip upon it’s plow
And knows how much to raise a brow
When steps are taken to allow
A thoughtful thought to take a bow

But all the time it’s now somehow
All the time it’s now

Sgt. Sunshine made the choice
Sgt. Sunshine smokes the choice
Sgt. Sunshine struck the light
Outside the city hall

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With the sky so blue, to fall into
And disappear, today

And a way away across the self same day
Young Johnny’s mum is heard to say
A stitch in time saves nine astray
And hey look even the sun kneels down to pray

Sgt. Sunshine knows his faults
He rides the endless next class waltz,
Says he loves his liver salts
And the moon speaks English.
True or false?

And all the time it’s now somehow…

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Your gravestones mark the past my friend
Your bank balance marks the future
You live for then, you don’t live now
I hope you like your torture

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