Septu Annu (Theory Of Nature) Lyrics By Hermh

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Artist/Band Name: Hermh

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Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Septu Annu (Theory Of Nature)

Yet I feel the aroma of incense*
Yet I feel the smell of wax
Ardour of flames
Emblazes in the night

And I hear the rhythm of drums
And I hear the flutter of enemy wings

My shamans from ages rant the rhythm
My shamans from ages know the mantra
I have come here to know the rhythm
I have come here to know her

Dance brothers on the burnt shroud
Dance brothers to feel the wax
Dance brothers ardour under your feet
Dance brothers on the burnt shroud

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They began all the magic’s
They knew the escape code

Only what I want is death now
Only what I want is to feel the scent of food
Only what I want is to be on the bottom
Only what I want is to stay and be clean

All of them arrived here to depart
All of them are here in nonexistence
All of them are the illumination of the past
All of them will come bow to me

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Obeisance give to the eternal
Obeisance give to the first
Obeisance give to the one who deals eternity
Obeisance give to the blood

Arrive, o ignorance for salvation
Arrive in crowds rabble for eternity
Let the taste and ecstasy be the communion of eternity
Redness of blood be the food of eternity

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