Selfish Lyrics By Kaysinners

Artist/Band Name: Kaysinners

Album Name: Tribulations


Lyrics To Selfish

There’s gonna be people who love you, there’s gonna be people who hate you.
There’s gonna be mutha fuckas that respect you and mutha fuckas that don’t.
And at the end of the day, there’s nothing you can do about it.
Feel me?
Like there’s nothing you can do about it.
Nowadays it’s like, people are dying over hate.
I don’t really react to hate and what not.
And it hits me in my heart.
But I just, I just realized that this is how this world is and its what its gonna be forever

I was hanging in the town.
Focused on some better notes.
I don’t know.
Friend told me hit the blunt, blow the smoke.
I been always milling, chilling, focused on a killing, to cure feelings that I’m really feeling.
I think is appealing.
Writing lyrics that be spilling all these thoughts.
Now I fear all the selfish motives that I got.
Forget fake friends they weren’t with me in the dark.
Darkness running through my veins.
This a war that I fought.
Now I’m always writing lyrics, girls wanna get the digits.
Told myself success won’t come I just have to go and get it.
Now I’m just so independent getting people so offended.
Hitting people with the truth.
Now they saying I ain’t friendly.
Forget all that fraud shit.
Tryna blind me with the lies tied with fog bits.
But I play the cards quick and I don’t need my eyes fixed.
Nice with the women, yeah young Steve Harvey.
Mask with the sins.
Yeah I wear it hardly

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Life I turn it around.
Girl I put her around, just for hearing the sounds.
Checking it out .
Thinking I’m making it now, people checking me out.
Seeing the route.
You can’t doubt me now.
Spitting the flames in the clouds.
Rhymes have you looking like a frightened deer when you check me out.
Rhymes put the heating on your heater, put the spice in your fajita, super Saiyan on this hit, you can call me young Vegeta.
These girls I don’t
Need em .
I already got Markiea.
Can’t wait until I see her.
Yeah now, I’ll put my feet up .
Cause many people heartless.
Small brains like a prehistoric ostrich.
Dispose of them like a video cartridge.
I feel all the people facing all these hardships

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More bills less money fact that we can’t all live.
Stuck with corruption, with the gangs and the violence.
Hear my feelings in this song with the violins .
I’m just a boricua with some hope from the islands.
I wonder.
What did I did?
Thrown in the world with some snakes that be hiding.
I do what I do and you do what you can do about it.
Don’t focus on people that come with that mileage.
Have fun life is once.
Make your own route.
Kaysinners tribulations.
Time for me to sign out

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