Self-Doubt Gun Lyrics By Pagan Wanderer Lu

Artist/Band Name: Pagan Wanderer Lu

Album Name: European Monsoon

Genre: Electronic

Lyrics To Self-Doubt Gun

I wish I had a self-doubt gun
with which to mow down everyone
these constant questions aren’t much fun
I wish I had a self-doubt gun

You think everything you’ve earned is cos you’ve worked so hard
just think of all the bodies in ambition’s graveyard
don’t swallow the hook
of ignoring luck
or you’ll get struck
by karma’s truck

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There won’t be any violence, no one ends up dead
just blast a little voice deep inside their head
saying ‘don’t take a risk, play it safe instead
don’t stop worrying about the consequences’

I wish I wasn’t the only one
running up a hill backwards just to get things done
with the thoughts that I’m carrying weighing a ton
I wish I had a self-doubt gun

People won’t be able to cross the road
without thinking of the worst case scenario
I’ll laugh like drain as I cling to the pavement
when I give them a taste of doubt’s enslavement

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