Self-Conjuration Lyrics By Psalm

Artist/Band Name: Psalm

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Self-Conjuration

I whisper loud down the ground
There’s a light that blinds my sight
Thinking about Mary’s sound
Pictures stay drawn in my mind
I shoot myself with love!
Now, I left the world behind me
I left the ones
The ones who loved me
I let my life in better hands
Don’t want another
Another chance
I shoot myself with love!
Just to watch me dying!
Why I choose to die?
Why I spend my time with drugs inside?
Why I believe in broken lies?
‘Cause there are demons in my pride
Flying on the wings of sadness
My tears fall into the sea
Through the hills of kindness
Don’t try to save my last breath
I, I shoot myself with love,
Watch me dying
I, I shoot myself with love, watch me dying
I shoot myself with love
Make it go away!
May this life decay!
No more sacrifice
No more hidden lies
Smell the bullet in my head
Die with poison in my head

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