See You Smile (Interlude) Lyrics By Jet 2

Artist/Band Name: Jet 2

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Lyrics To See You Smile (Interlude)

See girl, it’s been some pressures on my mind I’m trying to get out
Just sifting through this life, there’s still some things I ain’t figured out
But to get out of this doubt that I ain’t worthy for love
You always stick around just to hold me down
Now that’s love
Trying to make a million from my bedroom got me real busy
Just trying to make a better living for our family
Not with the intention that you may miss me
Ain’t trying to give you a different vibe
Through all the pain that you hold in
And all the times that I’m gone
All the while, girl your smile is golden
I wanna see it
‘Cause now all I wanna do is see you smile girl

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Water bathing in the sun’s rays
The heat is heavy but soothing
On one calm easy Sunday
I watch as heaven subdues me
The heavenly flowers, the birds singing like angels
The diamond in the clouds keeping Earth warm as a bagel
Blue skies reflect the abundance of wild rushing waters
Greener pastures mixed with your smile
Tells me that you’re the sun’s daughter
I wanna be a part of you

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