See, See Rider Lyrics By Ella Fitzgerald

Artist/Band Name: Ella Fitzgerald

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Lyrics To See, See Rider

See see rider
See what you have done, Lord, Lord, Lord
Made me love you, now your gal has come
You made me love you, now your gal has come

I’m goin’ away, baby, I won’t be back till fall, Lord, Lord, Lord
Goin’ away, baby, won’t be back till fall
If I find me a good man, won’t be back at all
I’m gonna buy me a pistol, just as long as I am tall, Lord, Lord, Lord
Shoot my man, and catch a cannonball
If he won’t have me, he won’t have no gal at all

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See See Rider, where did you stay last night? Lord, Lord, Lord
Your shoes ain’t buttoned and your clothes don’t fit you right
You didn’t come home till the sun was shining bright

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