Secret Agent Lyrics By Judie Tzuke

Artist/Band Name: Judie Tzuke

Album Name: The October Road

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Secret Agent

I’m going through your pockets again,
And I feel so insecure.
Broken promises pile up on my doorstep,
I never noticed them before.
How could you lie to me bare faced while
I cried? Give aft those reasons you’d never
Say good-bye. I’m going through your
Pockets again.

I feel tike a secret agent,
Goldfinger’s got nothing on me.
It’s the wrong time to live Life as a spy,
It’s undignified and obscene.
I never thought I’d stoop so low,
I never thought I’d feel so ugly.

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I’m breathing in your shirts to see if
The perfume is my own.
I’m reading bills from restaurants,
And I’m listening on the phone.
If this had been another time, another
Place, I’d win a medal for my bravery and
Grace, I’m breathing in.

Repeat Chorus.

I never thought I’d watch you go,
I never thought I’d want you to leave.

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Repeat Chorus.

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