Seaside Friends Lyrics By Ghinzu

Artist/Band Name: Ghinzu

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Seaside Friends

I feel comfortable
My life is spectacular
I am free, totally free
I love me

I was born a millionaire
And I’ll die a billionaire
And wind blows in the trees
And my good friends are with me

Under tranquillizers
In my villa near Kabul
We’re wondering ourselves
If it’s true or insane
That we’re all made of champaign

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Love love me, any time
Love love me, turn around

Good friends at the pool
Waiting for the dawn
Making the sound of rocks ya
Knock in their glasses
Imagining the world

In orbit around their asses
Yes my friend and I
Are debating about art
Golf, porn and cars

Aren’t second guessing ourselves
If we know each other well

Love love me, any time
Love love me, turn around

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