Salute (Live) Lyrics By Fabolous

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Lyrics To Salute (Live)

First off I’m a motherfuckin’
G-E-N-E-R-A-L, word to the K shells
In this chopper I will p-p-p-p-pop ’em,
Make it sound like helicopters land on top of this bitch
You want this whopper, come and get yo’ beef nigga
I’m not a boxer, I’ma be brief nigga
We on top, I will put you underneath niggas
We will take your whole tribe and I’m the chief nigga
Your highest title, numero uno
I’m not that little pregnant white girl but Juno,
You know, anything is in a nigga reach
My dogs will bite you and guess who’s the nigga leash
I was once told by my nigga Meech,
You feed a sucka, he just grow to be a bigger leach
So nigga every time you hear mine
Get your hand to your hairline general

Yeah, I’m in this bitch,
Sendin’ champagne to my enemies
Salute or shoot, you choose mothafucka,
Bow down till your head touch your shoes mothafucka
Salute me, salute me, salute me, salute me,
Salute or shoot, you choose mothafucka
Bow down till your head touch your shoes mothafucka,
Salute me

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Now just say hello to the captain
And I stay away from magnets ’cause the metal’s what I’m packin’
Bet yo’ brains on your shirt will look like Jell-O on a napkin
And I promise my fellows will put your fellow on the canvas
Call me Weezy, F. Baby
Young Money Army, better yet Navy
Fab I got ’em
And watch me get ’em
And I do ’em or I did ’em
And this tool inside my denim
I shoot everything but women and kids
Bitch nigga stop bitchin’ this just how it is
Now watch me let that sexy Nina kiss you by your ribs
You won’t be satisfied till I send a missile by your crib

Shoot you in the stomach, now you pissin’ out your ears
Hollygrove all day
Bodies in the hallway
And if you come searchin’
Then you findin’ out the hard way
No matter where you from
You better recognize a real nigga when you see one
Salute me!

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On second thought, I got the heart of a s-s-s-s-solider
I t-t-t-t-told ya I ain’t come to play y’all
My mind has gone AWOL
Find it I will pay y’all
My money is yay tal, l okay y’all?
Yo’ digit stack is Midget Mack
That means it’s gon’ stay small
Told them I don’t see nobody
I’m a rappin’ Ray Charles
I think I need a seein’ eye dog
Come to bein’ fly dog
You ain’t seein’ I dog
We sittin’ here like pollen now
Fuck you niggas hollerin’ now
They said I been M-I-A
Yea bitch I’m on columns now
Leaders don’t be followin’ crowds
General like Colin Powell
War to me’s a card game
Beef is just a style of cow
I’m who make the call
So don’t make me get to dialin’ out
Nick got that “cannon”, yeah that nigga be Wild ‘N’ Out
They ain’t ballin’, these niggas is filin’ out
They ain’t throwin’ jabs, they just throwin’ towels out

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