Sail Away Lyrics By Audrey Horne

Artist/Band Name: Audrey Horne

Album Name: Audrey Horne

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Sail Away

I don’t need to write it down,
I’ve known these lines by heart for years.
But everytime I try they seem to lack a certain elegance.
Anyway I wanted you to know that I’ll be staying in this year.
Cause I believe you’re better off without me here.

I’m sinking
You’re fading
This ship has been lost at sea.
I’m drowning
You’re leaving
That’s how it is

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Treading water’s never been a thing for me.

So long it’s been a very good year
And I know it takes a lifetime to repay
All I ever wanted was to sail away
But I got caught up in the waves along the way

Thought I found myself
Had a bucketful and threw it all away
So long, it’s all gone now.
This year, yeah, I spent it all.
I only did it to prove I could.

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