S.O.E Lyrics By Prospect Hill feat. Tony Rombola

Artist/Band Name: Prospect Hill feat. Tony Rombola

Album Name: For the Lovers the Haters and the Dead


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Lyrics To S.O.E

“S.O.E (Feat. Tony Rombola)”

A delusion of you
An illusion of me
Yes, I know what you’re thinking
All the times that we tried
Just to keep this alive
This shit just keeps repeating
I see you’re trying not to make your amends
I’m feeding off your weaknesses
And this is where it ends
Here we go again (here we go)
You’re going back on all you said
Here we go again (here we go)
Another heated argument
A conclusion to you
The solution for me
Is to find a new beginning
All the hate that you see
Is the downfall of me
So this is why I’m leaving
Your heart is beating
But to me you are dead
You pulled in both directions
Just to see which way I bend
Well, deep down inside, it’s kept in a hate filled rage (rage)
Should feel no remorse from the lies and the games that you play (play)
It’s gone on too long and now a decision is made (made)
I’ll heal now and watch you fade away

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