Runnin’ Out of Time Lyrics By Jon Herington

Artist/Band Name: Jon Herington

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Lyrics To Runnin’ Out of Time

Where have you been it’s quarter to ten
You’re just nowhere to be seen
You said you’d be here by seven fifteen
I believe you and then you wrong me again and again
Where could you be it’s quarter to three
You’re still nowhere to be found
I guess I’ll just wait til’ you come around
There’s no guarantee that you’ll ever be straight up with me
I’m so blind and so inclined
To think you could be mine
What a crime it blows my mind
We’re runnin’ out of time
Where did you go your face is aglow
I’m hoping that you might confess
Your hair is a mess and so is your dress
Your eyes always show what your heart never wants me to know
Go and run free you can trust me
I promise I won’t love you less
But your hair is a mess and so is your dress
One day you’ll see just how lonely a false heart can be

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