Run On The Wind Lyrics By Azrael

Artist/Band Name: Azrael

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Run On The Wind

Twisting and turning
coming from nowhere
posessing me to control my brain.
Behind the faces the voices are calling
you know they’re trying to escape.
Fly in this endless sky
the dark is your only friend.
The thunder strikes with its sound again and again.
Will be stronger together.
Around this nightmare
the madness is growing
fighting for living day by day.
Silence and darkness
reminds me of a story
hope you find your own way
fly in this…
You know the time has come for you
and me
we cross the streets once again.
My eyes are blinded by this loneliness.
We can’t forget those of
desperation and we are going to rest
in lonely graves.
We are going to be dust and die with
anger and pain, but I will be runing on the wind.
Run on the wind through the secrets
of your destiny.
So be prepared, be prepared for the
good times and the bad times
just release yourself.
The future is like a bright sunny day.
Riding on wings of the uncertain.
Just live your life, close your eyes.
The fear is inside.
Riding on wings of the uncertain.

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